We have something pretty amazing for you. Something that is going to revolutionise how you see food, exercise, and getting in shape. But more importantly, something that is going to revolutionise how you see life and your ability to love the heck out of it.

(drum roll, please!)

Justine and Kat are thrilled to invite you to come on in and check out our new program, Live Lean. Join us as of this March 24th and in just 10 weeks we will take you from overwhelmed and (let’s face it) feeling completely outta control when it comes to getting things together bod-wise and show you how you too can finally be the lean, energised, in-freaking-love-with-life you who you long to be.


We’ve had it up to here with confusing, messy and conflicting information, with so-called experts and programs telling you to count calories or avoid carbs after a certain hour or eat your body weight in broccoli each day …

We KNOW how tough it can be to try and make head or tail let alone have the energy and motivation to get up every day and work away at a mountain that doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller …

And we’re so tired of seeing women who deserve more – women just like you – battling the same old body demons again and again …

And most of all, we want YOU to be able to know that you can (yes, you can!) once and for all take back control of your physique, your energy, your mind and yes even your LIFE and finally start thinking about something else then your weight …

All these reasons, and so many more, are why we designed our Live Lean Program for you.

Isn’t it time you got this side of your life sorted? We’d love to show you how, and be there for you as you do it in a realistic and healthy way that not only kicks butt at results but gives you the confidence to know you can maintain it for life!


STOP! Before We Go Further: Are You A Live Lean Kind of Gal?

Before we go any further though, let’s talk about who this is for.

We’ve created Live Lean for women who are tired of the overwhelm, exhaustion and never-endingness of the body battle, and who want results. Like, YESTERDAY!

Specifically, Live Lean is for you if you currently feel like you’re running at a million miles an hour just to keep up at life, and if eating right and working out ‘enough’ is a priority that you just can’t seem to get control of.

Whether you’re a busy Mum to young kids, or a frazzled A-type corporate gun – or both! – if you know that you just need to get things together and you also know that extreme ‘hardcore’ diets and short-term makeovers are not what you want and need right now, Live Lean is for you.

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This is the program for women who want to know exactly which actions they need to take on a daily basis in order to create habits of lifestyle change that will keep them lean, energised, and in love with life for life.


So if that’s you, keep on reading.

But if you’re more at the stage where everything is working quite nicely, you fully ‘get’ (and do!) clean eating and you’re a bit of a gym queen if you do say so yourself, and maybe you just want that extra push or something a little brutal to get rid you of the last few kilos then this is not the program for you.

This is about getting over overwhelm, kicking excuses in the butt, and finally getting things together in a way that you can sustain and feel proud of for life.

GOODIES! (Or – what you get when you join us in Live Lean)


Let’s get down with the juicy details. Join us in our new Live Lean Program (kicking off March 24!) and here’s what’s going to arrive fresh and shiny in your inbox every week or more:

  • All your meals laid out for youno excuses, no confusion: just lean-body results for YOU! Easy!
  • Recipes, shopping lists and moreto make it easier, more fun, and, well – yummier. Nobody likes a food nazi after all and we sure aren’t going to make you into one!
  • Full training programs for home and/or gymworkouts you can do in as little as 10 minutes a day. ‘Cause you do NOT have to be on first-name basis with everyone at the gym to get kick-ass results!
  • Bonus motivational podcasts, videos and morebecause we know the truth about you (and we won’t tell anyone) – you’re not perfect. Sometimes, you f*ck up. Sometimes, you binge eat. Tell yourself nasty stuff. Go waaaaaay of track and wonder if there’s any hope for you EVER. Good news? You can do this without being perfect. (More) good news? We’re not perfect either. Better news? We’re going to show you how you too can get past your excuses, sabotages and bad habits and wake up every day feeling motivated, inspired and READY to take on the world. Not to mention some serious fat burning :)
  • Full interactive forum accessfor day to day support, question answering, friend-making, challenge-beating and plain old girly chit-chat amongst your fellow Live Lean gals. This is a student driven forum.
  • BONUS live time with Kat and Justinedetails must be kept under wraps until we begin!
  • OODLES of Live Lean only secret extra-special goodies and fun things – ’cause this isn’t just about results it’s about LIFE! And life must be awesome. So when you join Live Lean we will give you every teeny (and big) step-by-step secret tool and strategy you need to take control of your body inside and out but also to start living a life you actually want to look at when you get up each day.

Let’s face it – this is all about KICKING BUTT AT BEING YOU

When you join Live Lean, in just 10 weeks of working with us (10 super cool fun weeks) you WILL go from stuck, overwhelmed and constantly off track to being the kind of woman who effortlessly eats right, trains hard, and nourishes her body from the inside out, day in and day out.

Which is pretty cool :)

$449 Earlybird Discount TODAY ONLY – Save $100 When You Join Today!

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We’re not done yet …

The really great news? We’re going to show you how to get these results and make all of that work for you in as little as 10-20 minutes a day.

Bring it on, busy life!

What’s more, there will be NO restrictive meal plans, weird food combinations, calorie or carb or anything counting.

And you don’t even have to have a gym membership to do our workouts! (Although we do give you gym options if you just love the smell of sweat like we do :))

Basically we’ve looked at all the reasons why women who are busy and stressed and just have a life don’t get results and we’ve created a program designed to deal with all of that in a realistic way that works.

What People Are Saying on the Live Lean Forum! 

IMG_9654 IMG_9655 IMG_9656 IMG_9657 IMG_9663 IMG_9666


$449 Earlybird Discount TODAY Only – Save $100 When You Join Today!

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Our Clients Love Us! Here’s Why – A Sneak Peek of Some Feedback on Our Past Joint Endeavours – and a Taste of What to Expect When You Become A Live Lean Gal!

We have been working together as business partners since late 2012, bringing together over 20 years (eek!) of combined Fitness Professional and real-world-gal experience to create some awesome ventures.

Here is a taste of what our past joint clients have to say about our work and just an idea of what you can expect when you work with us in Live Lean!


Meet Your Live Lean Hosts …

Live Lean is a no-holds-barred sort of program. You can bet your bottom dollar you’ll be learning all about the ‘real’ Justine and Kat in a way that even Facebook can’t reveal! But for the sake of professionalism (you gotta have it), here are our professional bios:

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 10.47.02 AM


Justine has over a decade of fitness professional experience, including multiple appearances on magazine covers, a recognised name as one of Australia’s leading sports models, a position on the radio, and she is an author and entrepreneur as well as an outstanding coach to her clients.


Kat Head

Kat has over 13 years fitness professional experience, am an international best-selling author on the topic of binge eating, founder of the Look Great Naked ebooks and bootcamps, a speaker, Mum and entrepreneur as well as a writer published in numerous national and international publications.

Between us we’ve not only done a lot across the fitness and health industry but we’ve had to deal with a lot and we’ve helped literally thousands of women to deal with their body blocks and create the bodies they longed for.

Our client results speak for themselves but most importantly of all that’s true from a ‘real world’ perspective. As much as we love being in shape (when not pregnant as we both are now lol) and smashing out a great workout or eating clean we also know and understand what it’s like to deal with normal crazy-head insecurities, fear and self doubt.

We’ve done the hard yards and come out the other side shining, and we’d love to help you do the same.

$449 Earlybird Discount TODAY Only – Save $100 When You Join Today!

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Joining Live Lean is Cheaper Than Your Coffee Habit!


Okay so you might not be a caffeine junkie like we usually are, but even so you’ll have to admit this is pretty cool –

You can join Live Lean and start kicking butt and getting your stuff together once and for all body-wise for less than the price of a typical Melbourne coffee habit!

We have valued the content, support and lifetime access of Live Lean at in excess of $5,000 – and if you’re honest with yourself you’ve probably spent close to that on getting in shape over the past years anyway haven’t you?

Think training … healthy food … supplements … protein shakes … coaches … magazines … those leggings you (ahem!) had to have … (x5) … shoes … online programs, books and quick fixes …

It really does add up. And you KNOW it will continue to do if you don’t become a Live Lean gal and finally end the overwhelm and stop the battle for good!

We think it’s a pretty cool deal to charge 10% of the total program value. You can’t get better value than that after all, can you?!

Back March 2014!

Get ready to Live Lean!

We’re going live on March 24th  so it’s fair to say the countdown is already on with a capital ON.  You will receive your first week’s content and forum access on Friday March 21 so you can get all nice and prepared and excited over the weekend.

Not much time until it’s all happening!

Here’s what you need to do to get on board – 

Step 1: Grab a coffee, sit back, and start smiling at the idea of what’s in store for you.

Step 2: Decide on your Live Lean approach: upfront or installment plan.

Step 3: Get hooked up!

Step 4: Tell the world you’re now a Live Lean girl! Invite your friends and colleagues to join you – why not!

Step 5: Wait for our welcome email to let you know you are officially IN! You’ll need to click a confirmation email which you’ll receive first, allowing us permission to email you.

Step 6: Celebrate! Share with us on Facebook what you’re most excited about now that you’re a Live Lean girl. We’re so rapt to have you on board!

$449 Earlybird Discount TODAY Only – Save $100 When You Join Today!

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Remember –

It’s time to beat overwhelm and create a lean and energised you who is absolutely freaking in LOVE with life and herself.
It’s time to Live Lean!


10 weeks from March 24 brings us through to June 1. Just think! By the start of June you WILL be rocking a lean, energised new you and feeling absolutely freaking in love with life and yourself.


$449 Earlybird Discount TODAY Only – Save $100 When You Join Today!

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More of What Our Live Lean Gals Have to Say! 

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 4.42.18 pm

IMG_9668 IMG_9704 IMG_9715 IMG_9744 IMG_9750 IMG_9769 IMG_9770 IMG_9782 IMG_9789 IMG_9837 IMG_9875 IMG_9882 IMG_9886


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Some fab pics of some of our amazing clients! You could be next!

Selina - J Client

Sarah K Client

Cara J Client

Katrina K Client

Kelly K Client


$449 Earlybird Discount TODAY Only – Save $100 When You Join Today!

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